PNC-27 Update

 Many studies have been conducted on PNC 27, but there's not a lot of personal accounts.  This is why we are sharing our experience with you!
We have been navigating this journey with some uncertainty, unsure if PNC 27 is effectively targeting Nick's tumor. We do believe in the peptide and the studies behind it, we are realizing that healing your body from disease or illness is not a one size fits all.

Despite our belief in PNC 27, we lack the confidence in its capability against Nicks cancer.  There are no personal accounts and shared experiences which has contributed to our lack of confidence and discontinued use.
Keep in mind Nicks tumor was 9cm in his right kidney going up his vena cava to his liver, which may contribute to the side effects he had experiences. Additionally, Nick was also taking Fenbendezol and mistletoe injections along side PNC 27.  

Nick resumed the PNC 27 intake on January 10th, with a dose of 15 units twice daily.  However, on February 9, he ended up in the ER due to blood in his urine, a common symptom with kidney cancer.  Test revealed a UTI, which raises a few possibilities.  The PNC 27 is effectively agitating and inflaming the tumor, or it's ineffective and provoking the tumor. We had changed his nutritional regime from the Gerson, to a low carb no sugar Mediterranean, and then in January to the Keto.  So his food intake might also be contributing to the agitation and inflammation.

Faced with this uncertainty,  he has stopped taking the PNC 27 as of Feb. 9 2024.  We are too apprehensive to risk irritating the tumor.

Here is our documentation -
8/1/2023 Initial start date 
8/15/2023 ER visit with flu like symptoms 
8/15-9/5 took a break from the injections
9/5/23 started back on PNC 27
9/16 flu like symptoms, fever, night seats, cramping
9/16 stopped PNC 27
10/15 flu like symptoms. fever, night seats, cramping
11/12 flu like symptoms, fever, night seats, cramping
12/6 flu like symptoms, fever, night seats, cramping
12/26- 1/1 feels down, side hurts, night sweats
1/10/2024 started PNC 27 again 
2/9 blood in urine, side hurting
2/9 stopped PNC 27

That is what our PNC 27 journey looked like.  I wish the situation had been different, allowing us to continue with using the product and potentially have a better outcome.  However, given the uncertainty and lack of shared experiences, this is the decision we've opted for.  We will make sure to update you if we make any changes to our future situation!


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