The Death Sentence

A few weeks ago

We are celebrating three months since my Cowboys death sentence. 

It has been five months since he was diagnosed with type 2 papillary renal cell carcinoma.  While we were in Sedona a zoom call was set up with the surgeon for Wednesday May 17th. 

The doctor tells us there are three ways the surgery can go. Good, they would go in cut open the vena cava, scrap out the tumor, close the vein back up and remove the kidney.  Bad, something might go wrong with the vein while removing the tumor so they would possibly have to try to repair or replace the vein and then remove the kidney, And worst, they may have to remove and reroute the vein by adding in something foreign and then remove the kidney.  The doctor said it was possible Nick would need a blood transfusion.  Nick let the doctor know that he would like to use my blood if a transfusion was needed, when the doctor told him no that was it for Nick.  The doctor then proceeded to tell us that he would put him on a ventilator for at least 4 days after the surgery.  That's when I had to have a coming to Jesus.  This entire scenario was very similar to what happened to Pat 23 years ago.  Every thing is rushed,  the fear that is created, rushing you off to surgery in a big hurry and then never waking up from it. I honestly felt like I was living in a nightmare when I was hearing this.

5 months agoWe prayed hard about what to do.  Nick felt it in his heart not to have surgery.  Two days later May 19th he called the doctors office to cancel the surgery that was scheduled for June 2nd.  During treatment at Sedona he received a voicemail from the surgeon.  When we listened to it, I watched the color leave my cowboys body. We couldn't believe the nerve of this doctor.  This guy made several lies (creating fear) by saying the tumor in the vein was at his heart (the MRI shows it up to the liver), and once the tumor reached the heart he would only have a few weeks so he would have his team arrange palliative care or hospice for him if he did not go through with surgery set for June 2nd.  I was devastated.  I have gotten real good at hiding my emotions for events such as this.  I need to create a positive environment for my Cowboy.  He needed me to uplift and encourage him.  We called upon the Lord and our tribe to pray hard! It took about 2 days to get his spirits back up.  Then I was able to feel, cry, and scream.

It's been 3 months since his death sentence and I know that's not that long but seems we are doing something right.  We are now able to listen to the voicemail without getting upset.  We actually laugh about all of it.  Nick has only had a few bad days since his first diagnoses.  Last MRI shows tumor is shrinking. His blood work is probably better than most!  No signs of cancer in his blood! His immune system is also probably better than most!  He's not your typical cancer patient.  His immune system never got wiped out. He is thrilled with the choice we made and the route we are taking!  He said he is glad to be the guinea pig so the people in our community can see there are other and better options to eliminate cancer!  

We DO NOT believe this is a miracle. 

This is not medical advice.  This is our own journey that we are sharing with you! 


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