Hydration for Health

It looks messy but its Beautiful

We had made a plan years ago on how we would fight cancer if we ever got it.  We came up with this plan when we watched Nicks dad battle cancer.  We had enough with watching our loved ones battle the conventional way of fighting cancer and not winning the battle.  Now with the statistics being every 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime, it makes sense that everyone should make a plan.  Whatever that looks like for you.  

A week into his diagnoses we left for Sedona with a solid plan.  Since then we have added several other amazing therapies to our plan! This might look messy to others.  Our schedule is busy but it's so worth it to us! Every therapy is doing its job with healing his body.The beautiful part is the knowledge, strength, and provisions that God has provided us on our journey.  


                                                Browns Gas Inhalation Therapy

We are so excited about adding the Browns Gas inhalation therapy to our routines! We have been doing it for several months now.  We try to sit and breathe in the gas as much as we can.  It usually happens in the morning while we have our "coffee" (Figgee Brew) and at night after dinner.  One hour at a time!  We also drink the water throughout the day! We have both noticed changes since we started!  After our morning workout, Nick doesn't get sore anymore.  Ive noticed a difference in my skin along with some improvement in my digestion. 

Brown's Gas is very similar to hydrogen inhalation therapy.  This therapy involves breathing in hydrogen and oxygen gas at a low concentration via a nasal cannula.

While you can ingest hydrogen in other ways, like through water, hydrogen inhalation is the most efficient method, delivering molecular hydrogen directly to the blood.

This makes the hydrogen immediately available to the rest of the body through blood circulation.  Hydrogen therapy is well studied, with over 1000 scientific studies suggesting a multitude of molecular hydrogen benefits in almost every organ in the human body.  Browns Gas has been found to be a rich source of hydrogen and oxygen (Hydro-oxi) which can be utilized by the body for faster recovery or cellular regeneration.  The benefits of molecular hydrogen therapy are greatly improved with Browns Gas as it is simply richer than simple molecular hydrogen or oxygen.  Browns gas travels in your blood into every cell for nutrition and relief of issues related to dehydration.


  • Boosts athletic performance  

  • Anti-inflammatory effects 

  • Neuroprotective support  

  • Provides antioxidant-like effects, including neutralizing free radicals

  • Endometriosis treatment 

  • Cardiac Support & Sleep Apnea

  • Fights Inflammation & Allergies

  • Improves Liver Health
  • Improves skin imperfections & fine lines

With these amazing benefits why would we not want to add this to our routine! If you are interested in learning more about this amazing machine you can watch the video's attached below! 

Day 161, Nick is continuing to improve every day! We Thank God for all of our support and love from all of you!  Keep the prayers coming!  We will know in a few more months with an MRI that the tumor is gone!!!! 

Everyone should own one of these! Or come visit us to enjoy the benefits this modality has to offer!

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