Hello new lifestyle!

We are not on a diet, this is our new lifestyle!

We are so excited to broaden our palettes! We did the Gerson Therapy strict for 2 months! We believe that Gerson Therapy is an option for healing your body of may illnesses including cancer!  We found another naturopathic doctor to work with us on our journey to heal Nicks body naturally!  His protocol looks a little different and we have decided to go this route! We will always back up the Gerson Therapy as a natural option to heal your body! 

It was definitely necessary at the time of our journey to eat vegan as we were cleansing and detoxing our bodies.  As you may have figured it out our lifestyle also includes cattle and laying chickens!  We do not have our own cattle YET! But dream that one day we will! We did get our first steer this year! We are so excited to have our very own, unvaccinated, grass fed & grass finished beef! We are not eating beef just yet.  Right now we have added organic dark meat chicken, wild salmon (not wild caught) and lamb!  I will go into why the meat choices later! We are thinking of raising our own meat chickens and sheep because why not! lol! We want to know exactly what we are getting! Im sure by now you may have guessed I trust no one with our bodies, what we put in our bodies or on our bodies.  We have eliminated a lot of toxins from our environment prior to Nicks cancer diagnosis. The past 4 months we have eliminated toxins from what we are ingesting.  It is a big big possibility that his cancer was caused by excessive exposure to pesticides.  We grew up in an area where there is lots of farming which means lots of pesticides. On top of other environmental toxins.  We know lots of people that live in that area that have had cancer.  So it makes perfect sense to us. 

We are eating very clean! Lots and lots of vegetables, some fruit, and juices!  If you haven't heard of the blue zone, look it up! We eat very similar! We do not cook with olive oil.  We usually use water on the veggies, coconut oil or avocado oil.  I did not sign up to become a cook but it just so turns out I might not be so bad at it!  I have literally just thrown food together and we eat it!  Im not trying to reinvent the wheel as the job at hand is hard enough! Did I mention we are growing a lot of our own food?  We started a garden last fall and it was amazing! I missed the spring garden and our kids started our summer garden for us while we were in Sedona! I know a lot of you have reached out asking about what we are eating and have lots of questions about why certain foods and why not on certain foods!  Im learning so much about nutrition and the human body!  

God knew we needed to reset our taste buds to make the transition a lot easier for us!  Its crazy how much sodium is in our food.  I've mentioned before how I couldn't even taste the food when we were in Sedona until day 9.  When I finally tasted what true real food tasted like, I was amazed!  When we got home I was able to add some spices!  Our go to spices are onion powder and garlic powder.  I added a lot of fresh garlic and onion also which helped with flavor.  After we made the shift in what we were eating, we slowly introduces celtic salt! I have never heard of this salt until our doctor recommended it!   This salt is better for you because it has something like 85-90 minerals in it. I can tell you our taste buds were dancing!  A little goes a long way. 

I'm going to finish with this, this journey has been so eye opening for us on so many different levels.  We are both so thankful to God for what we are learning and are so excited to share with you!  Make sure you do your own research!  You will have to do some digging to find truth.  We had a really hard time at first believing that you can not trust anyone when it comes to your wellbeing.  They want us broken.  There is no money in well people.

Thank you so much for your support and love as we continue on this journey!  Remember to always pray and give thanks for your meals,  we ask God to give us the nutrients our bodies need and to eliminate what it does not! 

God Bless You!


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