I cant believe we have been on this journey for three months now.  The time has flown by.  
Nick had finally gotten his MRI scan.  That was quite the process. We asked for a scan right when we got home and was denied twice by his primary.  I wont even go into the reasons why as they make my blood boil and want to stay positive!  I stumbled across a concierges service online and scheduled his MRI for July 14th!  We were able to get a doctors note through the same service.  We received the report and images 3 days later.  We recently switched primaries and hope to have his new doctor interpret the report for us!  We are excited to see the progress!

Nick is feeling GREAT! 
He still does not fear his cancer!

This has been a challenging few months, with very big life changes.  Im not sure how long the adjustment period will last but we are feeling a lot more comfortable with most of the changes! 

Our naturopathic doctor ordered blood work.  This blood work is different from what he's had in the past and will show specific cancer markers. We are very relieved, happy, and feeling hopeful about his results....

I will show you a comparison from 3 months ago to now.  I wont be able to compare any of the new cancer markers as this was a new test for Nick!
May                                                                                                                    July
LDH 448 High Reference 121-224                                                    166   Normal Range
Hemoglobin 9.7 Low Reference 13.0-17.7                                        13.6  Normal Range
Hematocrit 28.6 Reference 37.5-51.0                                                41.2  Normal Range
Ferritin 1849 High Reference 30-400                                               683   Still High but                                                                                                                           drastically lower
C-Reactive Protein, Quant 274 High Reference 0-10                     1.12  Normal Range

We are jumping for joy over these numbers! God is so good! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS! 
There are still a few markers that need to be addressed! But the doctor told us that if he didn't already know Nick had cancer, he would not know by looking at his blood work! The specific cancer markers are all in Normal range! Whoop whoop! Praise the Lord!

 As we anxiously wait to hear about the MRI results, God is bringing us joy and hope while we wait.  We know that what we are doing is right for us.  Nick has made his decision on how he will proceed with his cancer journey and I am supporting him 100%.  So this is OUR journey together and we love all the support we are receiving form you all!   

We understand that this is scary for a lot of you.  As we have yet to meet anyone in person that has fought this kind of cancer 100% naturally and without surgery.  We are not scared and are keeping a positive mindset!  We may be exhausted from all the changes but we are far from fearful.  God is holding on to us!
With all this said, we may not get the results we are hoping for, which is for the tumor to be gone.  It is important for us to understand that we need to be patient!  Three months has flown by but that is still a short amount of time to kill off such a large tumor.  Everything we are doing has to cycle through the kidney to even get to the tumor first.  We are definitely learning patience on this journey! (Rant) There is a lot of hurry up and wait.  I've noticed that when a lot of the doctor's are ready to do something and its on their time, everything is a hurry up and rush, rush, rush.  If we feel rushed or feel we are being fearmonguled we aren't doing it.  Please put that in my husbands chart.

We want to answer any questions you might have so please ask!!!


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