Last 2 Weeks in Sedona


I apologize for the delay in updates.  Life feels a little overwhelming.  

The Weeks are going by a lot faster now! 
We had lots of visitors the last 2 weeks!
Amber came for a visit! We went to visit Flagstaff and do some sight seeing.
Nick is doing so good! He still gets a little tired.   
Nicks cousin Nate came for a visit with his beautiful kids! We had a nice visit!
Sandi Came to visit!  Went to down town area, it reminded us of like Solvang! 

Nicks weight is maintaining! He is drinking metabolic shakes which are helping! Im excited to add my touch to the menu when we get home! The cooking classes they give are great! I have learned so much while being here! My brain is on overload with the education I am getting.  

We are so very grateful to have spend the 4 weeks here in Sedona! Four weeks ago Nick was in really bad shape.  We weren't even sure he was going to be able to make the trip here.  Now he is pain free, eating, and walking.  Thank you so much to our Sedona family at the Sedona Wellness Retreat! You all were amazing! 
We went to a concert at a park near by with some of our new Sedona family! Celebrating our four weeks here and out trip home! 



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