Home Sweet Home!

 My dad and brother drove the motor home to pick us up! We drove straight home 10 hours! They rock!  I love their support!
We made it home safe and sound.  There is nothing like your own bed! We were comfortable at Sedona and felt right at home, but you know how it is!

All the preparing, juicing, supplements, therapies, and life stuff is literally exhausting.  I know we will get used to the routine and get the flow of it. I have to admit that I am feeling very blessed and thankful to God for this last month.  Nick and I have learned so much and are continuing to learn through this.  I swear the information and education I received was a years worth all crammed into a month.  

Nick has been doing his own research on things he's learning about and wanting to understand it more! Im so proud of him!

Nick had his visit with his primary doctor the week we got home.  We asked for a new scan and she denied one.  Told us there really wasn't any need for a new one because they already know where the cancer is.  We weren't thrilled with that answer.  

 You can trust me when I say he will get his scan and without the contrast.  Did you know that the contrast they use can cause kidney disease?  It's banned in Europe. That makes us wonder? 

For now we are home, living on the ranch like it's the little house on the prairie and im Laura Ingle, Making sure my cowboy is on top of his protocol! He's feeling amazing and looking healthy! 

Thank you all for your love and support! We appreciate all the positivity as well!!!! 


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