The call from the doctor


The call from the doctor

5/9/23 After several attempts to get a hold of a doctor from Cottage, we received a call back.  Nick was discharged April 27th.  So you can imagine our frustration. He has been diagnosed with papillary renal cell carcinoma. Most likely a stage 3. He may have 1 effected lymph node near the kidney.  They do not know if it's cancer or inflamed from the cancer. They have set up a consultation with a doctor at UCLA.  The plan is to remove the kidney and the tumor growing in the vena cava vein along with the fatty tissue in the area that will have many lymph nodes.  They will not know how many lymph nodes they will remove until after the surgery.  Because the tumor is in the vena cava vein this makes it a high risk surgery.  There will be a liver surgeon along side the urologist being that the scan shows the tumor is just at the liver in the vena cava.  We are not impressed with how things are going as far as communication and follow up with Cottage hospital.  Not sure what is going on, I do know at one point they were the best.  The nurses were amazing! We had several very kind and loving nurses!

5/10  Nick is eating more! He had a great day today! His color is coming back! This place is doing some amazing things for us! We are so thankful we are here getting his body ready for for such an invasive high risk surgery. 

I got to go do some site seeing with Michele, Ivette, and Nicki (Ivettes daughter) This is at the airport right above the wellness center! Continue to pray for these beautiful ladies!  Nick was getting his treatment so I snuck away. 


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