How we got here.....

James 1:2-4
Picture taken April 8th

Cottage Hospital  April 2023


4/22/23 I asked the doctor at the ER if I could drive Nick to Cottage so we can go home and collect our things and talk to family.  Such crummy news to have to share. So that's what we did. I feel so blessed to be able to stay with Nick at the hospital and that the kids are older and independent for the most part!

Today 4/23/23 1 Compton room 1423 Nick and I are both feeling hopeless and frustrated.  The fear, shock and exhaustion has kicked in. I do have to say that the nurses are amazing!  we will forever be thankful to Julius. 

Getting a doctor to communicate with us is non existent.  We have lots of questions with no one to ask them to.  We are feeling like just a chart number.  It is such a horrible feeling.  Nick is in a lot of pain today.  They are giving him pain meds to try to get the pain under control. He has been running a fever on and off all day.

He received a CT scan, EKG, and ECO today. Praying that it all comes back clear.

We have been praying so hard for guidance and direction.  When Nick's dad got cancer, he did some research and found a place in Germany that was all natural and healing people.  Nick told me that if any of us ever got cancer that we were going there!  Well when its in your face and fear comes over you things change a bit.  We got nervous.  I believe that is why we were feeling so hopeless.  We dont really want to be here.  I cant wait, so I emailed The Sedona Wellness Retreat. Im looking forward to hearing back from them!

We are so overwhelmed by the love we feel from everyone! Thank you all


The urologist came in at 6;30am.  I know Im being negative but seriously.  We just fell asleep and now you want us to try to comprehend all your big words and fancy terms like Urothelial Carcinoma, tumor thrombus, navel thrombectomy, and vena cava.  In my opinion it's pretty Inhuman.  My heart hurts for the ones going through this without a companion or someone to advocate for them. I look back 23 years ago and cant believe that I was advocating for Pat. We were so young.  I still Thank God for all the support we had.  I am understanding fully as to why God had me go through that.  He knew I needed that experience to have the knowledge and wisdom so I can advocate for the love of my life, here and now.  Nick is in so much pain he has no appetite.  He went for an MRI and biopsy. 

He has either a blood clot in his lung or a piece of the tumor broke off and is there.  They put him on blood thinners.

Jeremiah 29:11   For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Today I called the Sedona Wellness Retreat.  I was being impatient and didn't wait for them to respond to my email.  The gal I spoke with was very kind.  I got off the phone but didn't get what I was looking for.  Ten minutes later I got the call back from my email.  I spoke to a different gal.  This time I felt peace and hopeful again.  I talked to Nick about the conversation I had and he felt the same way!! Long story short, we needed the funds to make it happen.  My cousin (she's more than that to me) mentioned doing a go fund me.  Nick and I weren't on board with the idea.  Our pastor and his  beautiful wife  came to pray and anoint Nick with oil. We brought up the go fund me and they both thought it was a good idea, so we gave Shanna the ok! I reserved a room for Nick. I cant thank everyone enough for the donations to even make this happen.  We are so blessed to live in such an amazing community.


We are praying and trusting that God is taking care of all the details for what's next.  The resident called to inform us that the biopsy came back normal and that he needed to go for another one today.

They took him for his second biopsy and took two this time.  Should get the biopsy results in 2 days.

Nick still isn't eating much. He's on a lot of pain meds. On oxygen. Still in a hurry to wait.  What are we waiting on? A doctor to come in and explain their plan so we have at least an idea of what they are wanting to do. Talk to us about the results of all the scans and blood work.  We are hoping to go home tomorrow.

My sister in law Amber is organizing a fundraiser with the help of family and the community! We are so blessed to have this support! 

Our son Wyatt has created the most amazing shirts!


Today we are exhausted.  We are again in a big hurry to wait. Nick can not be released to home because his oxygen levels are to low.  Sad day.

We spoke with the Urologist.  He wants us to go to UCLA due to the high risk surgery they want to perform.  Cottage sent equipped to perform the surgery on the vein.. We will have a consultation with the UCLA doctor. 

I asked the doctor to lower the dose of pain meds they were giving Nick.  In my opinion he was way over drugged.  He was much better once they lowered it! He was more coherent and not in pain.  Days are so long right now.


We made it home! Time to relax and breath.  


Have not heard from a doctor.  Nervous and excited for our new journey to building Nicks body up naturally with what God has given us! 


Have not heard from an oncologist or the urologist.Thank you to my brother who is my best buddy Kyle Hunter for driving us in luxury! I love you! We made it to our destination safely. Tomorrow is a new day! We feel relieved and very hopeful about the treatment he will be receiving.

Cutest Shirts Ever!!
Under all circumstances we will glorify God!
Love you all!


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