Days 4-7 Sedona Wellness

5/3 We are getting better at our new routine! Im becoming quit the caregiver! Nick's getting all of his supplements when needed, all his juices, in room therapies, and coffee enema's when needed! 
Nick is only taking ibuprofen throughout the day!

We are so thankful to God we are here! 

We are reading in the book of James! It's so good!
Testing your faith and adversity! 

5/4 We have visitors today!! Nick is so happy to get to see Preston and of course Zach and Kaylee!
Preston took Nick on a walk!  He hasn't been out much so it was nice for him!

We are both feeling a little home sick so its nice to have our family come visit!

Nick is tired but doing great today!

5/5 We are happily visiting with our family! Im still loving all the educational classes! Today they talked about the dirty dozen!

Nick isn't eating.  You really have to be mentally ready for this food.  When you have a lack of appetite and know the food is bland it's not easy.

His blood pressure has been low! He is not taking blood pressure medicine.

5/6  Today was pretty mellow! We did our everyday routine and hung out with the family!

Nick loves wearing his hat! 

It's nice to see him in it! 
He is staying positive and tries to be funny!

Our family left today. We had such a nice visit with them! 
We have been here one full week now! Things are starting to improve with Nick! We are both going through major detox being on the diet and juicing! I feel so lucky and blessed to get to be by his side!
Thank you to everyone that had a hand in making this possible for us! 
Thank you for your continual prayers! We will forever be thankful!



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