Day 9 Monday 5/8/23

We are fitting right in here at the Lodge!  The food is still tasting bland.  It isn't horrible we just aren't used to it!  We are both detoxing from the over salted foods we eat! And the food we are eating is packed with nutrition! 
We are feeling very hopeful! His body is getting well!

We have met some amazing people along the way! Please pray for Michele, Traci, Ivette, Diane, Angela, Liddy, Darla, and Kevin.  They are all on their own health journeys.  Three of them are battling cancer as well.  We have learned so much from them! They have each shared with us their experiences and we are grateful!
A few of us meet in the lobby and pray together! It is so amazing to know that God has lined up our paths so perfectly! He knew I need strength and support to get Nick well.

1 Samuel 30:1-6


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