Day 3 Sedona Wellness

5/2 We are in shock, Nick woke up Pain Free! That is such a big deal! He took Ibuprofen at 6 am because he was so nervous that the pain was going to come back. 

He hasn't taken his pain meds all day.  Just the ibuprofen.  
I am loving all the education classes they provide here!  
Nick still has a lack in appetite, but is eating more that before and is drinking his juices! I on the other hand am starving! There is no taste to the food but I'm so hungry I'm scarfing it hahah
He also takes supplements 7 times a day.

I am going to share with you some of his blood work numbers from yesterday
so that we can compare for the future!  The doctors here are teaching us what to 
look for so when we leave here we know what is good and what is not so good!  
The numbers that are high need to be lower and vice versa. 
Keep in mind that not all changes are bad.  Things are going to up 
and down while his body does some adjusting.

LDH 448 High Reference 121-224
Hemoglobin 9.7 Low Reference 13.0-17.7
Hematocrit 28.6 Reference 37.5-51.0
Ferritin 1849 High Reference 30-400
C-Reactive Protein, Quant 274 High Reference 0-10

They drew more blood today and are shipping it to Europe where they will separate the tumor cells and test them to see what kind of treatment his cells will respond to!  We've heard from several doctors that renal cell carcinoma does not respond to chemo.  I wish they had that here in the US! We should get the results back 10-14 days! 

IV therapy today was...
Myers 500

We have not heard from the urologist at cottage. We are curious to see what they have to say yet we are in healing mode and dont want to hear, if that makes sense.  We were feeling like just another chart number.  There is a horrible lack of communication.  Maybe it's that the doctor is so young with a lack of experience or possibly to many patients and not enough doctors. Im not sure what it is but we dont like it.  I can share more on our review of the hospital another time. 
We have not gotten the biopsy results read back to us, so we do not know what what kind of cancer or what stage.



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