Day 2 Sedona Wellness

5/1 The reality of all this has hit Nick. He has lost 20lbs since 4/22.  When he took his vitals and seeing his blood pressure normal and the weight loss it all was overwhelming.  He took ibuprofen at 5am and didn't need any other pain meds.  But when he got upset his kidney started hurting.  It's amazing how our minds play such a big roll in healing.  We are trying to stay focused on trusting God in this journey.

They teach classes here every day about the Gerson diet.  I love that we get to take this education and apply it to his healing process at home!

Today nick did the Ozone Sauna as his heat therapy.  It didn't go well.  He passed out.  It was a scary experience.  He woke up to the doctor in his face and you all know how he is!! He looked at the doctor all weird and backed up (the look on his face was like, what the heck are you doing in my face) He asked the doctor did I pass out or something? haha it wasn't funny at the time but we can laugh about it now.  

Every Monday they will take his blood! 

He ate his oatmeal and some lunch. 
Not a ton of food intake right now.  
Drinking all 11 juices is hard for him.

He needed some ibuprofen at 6:30pm.  
But the pain is slowly going away with
these treatments!
He also was having some heartburn today.

He is exhausted today!  He did say he's
happy that they aren't coming in every
hour to poke and prod him every hour!


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