Day 1 Sedona Wellness Retreat


Sedona Wellness Day 1

Learning our routine may take a few days here!

4/30 We will receive our schedule the night before on what times and therapies Nick will get the next day!
He has been prescribed supplements and I will give him a B12 injection daily.  He will get 11 different juices a day.  His therapies will be in a yurt away from the lodge.  He will go in the hyperbaric Oxygen chamber, Heat therapy, Bemer, and IV therapy daily.  Each of these therapies will help him build a strong immune system and also eliminate some cancer cells.

We eat breakfast at 7:30 then head to the yurt daily 7:45-12.  Go have lunch, then return to the yurt for his heat treatment from1-2. He ate some oatmeal but nothing else all day.

He has a lot of other "in the room therapies" like castor wrap, coffee enema's, wet socks, and dry brushing.

His first day in the hyperbaric chamber he got a little nervous being in the chamber.  He fought through it and stuck it out!

Don and Jeff came for a visit today! 

He went pain free most of the day, his pain got bad about 8:30 so he took his pain meds.Keep in mind Cottage hospital sent him home taking Oxy every 4 hrs.  and if it was really bad pain they told him to take Advil or Tylenol in between.


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