Coffee Enema


Therapeutic Benefits of Coffee Enamas

Nick does his coffee treatment 3-5 times a day.  He wont have to do as many eventually.  Right now with all the other therapies hes doing to eliminate toxic waste his liver needs help eliminating!  I only do 1 a day at the moment.  My detox journey isn't as intense as Nicks.  My plan is to only do 1-2 a week.   

The major benefit of the coffee enema is to enhance the elimination of toxins through the liver.  Endoscopic studies confirm that the coffee enema increases bile output. 
Increased bile flow also alkalinizes the small intestine, helping to cleanse the colon walls.  A common contributor to ill health is the production and absorption of toxins within the small and large intestines. If food is not digested properly, sugars ferment and protein putrefies or rots.  Both processes generate toxic chemicals, which are then absorbed into the liver.

The coffee enema enhances digestion by increasing bile flow and removes toxins in the large intestine so they all not be absorbed.  Most people with health concerns suffer from impaired digestion and excessive production of toxic substances in the intestines.

Coffee enemas are particularly helpful for slow oxidizers.  Their liver activity is more sluggish and digestion is usually impaired.  Fast oxidizers may have more difficulty retaining the enema.

Materials Needed

  • Organic whole coffee beans
  • Glass Jars with lids
  • Stainless steel or glass saucepan
  • Stainless steel mesh strainer (avoid using paper or cloth as these remove medicinal components like cafestol)
  • Enema bucket
  • Brown towels
  • Disposable under pads (optional)
  • Un petrolium jelly
  • Mat is optional

Making Coffee Concentrate 

(for 4 enemas)
Ingredients and direction;
  • 1 cup of fresh ground organic medium roast coffee
  • 1 quart filter water
  • Bring filtered water to a boil, add ground organic coffee and continue to boil for 3 minutes uncovered, to release oils; then cover, lower heat to medium and let simmer for an additional 15 minutes.
  • Strain immediately with stainless steel mesh strainer into 1 quart jar, allowing grounds to strain well.
  • Add filtered water to make a full quart and let cool
Coffee concentrate can be stored in fridge up to 2 days


Wait 45-90 minutes after meals to take the enema- coffee enemas affect digestion's as stated above!
Dont get the enema liquid to hot as this can be harmful
1-2 degrees warmer than your own body temp.  If it's more comfortable for you to do warmer or cooler is fine!

Administering the enema

  • Gather coffee concentrate from the juice bar (4oz of coffee for a 16oz enema for beginners)
  • To the coffee concentrate add 4 oz hot filtered water and 8 oz room temp water
  • Create your enema area (usually bathroom) place a brown towel and pad on mat if using one.
  • Have extra brown towel near by just in case it gets messy
  • Close clamping valve on enema tubing and pour coffee into enema bucket
  • Flush out air over sink
  • Apply un petroleum jelly to last 2 inches of tube and over rectum. 
  • Lay on towel
  • Insert tube into rectum
  • Lay on right side 
  • Open clamp valve and then raise bucket to the desired height
  • To make sure coffee doesn't enter to quickly, pinch the tubing to regulate the flow
  • Raise the bucket up and down from the floor to use gravity to regulate the flow of coffee
  • Lay in a comfortable position for 15 minutes
  • Then sit on toilet to release enema
It is IMPORTANT to allow coffee to enter slowly so that the spasms and discomfort are avoided

Coffee concentrate for 
  • 16 oz = 4oz coffee concentrate, 4oz filtered hot water,  8oz filtered room temp water
  • 24 oz = 6oz coffee concentrate, 6oz filtered hot water, 12oz filtered room temp water
  • 32 oz = 8oz coffee concentrate, 8oz filtered hot water, 16oz filtered room temp water


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