And here we are.....

One minute we are living our best life, at least we thought.  The next we are sitting at the ER hearing those dreaded word "you have cancer".  The words I have feared for 23 years.  

While going through this experience completely different than I did 23 years ago I have come to realize exactly what I thought.  My first husband and my mom didn't die from cancer.  They died from the poison that they were given as the only option to live.  I look back and have to give myself some grace.  I was uninformed and uneducated about cancer.  Most of us are.  It is up to us to advocate for ourselves and our families.  I ask lots of questions!  The doctors get annoyed but I DO NOT CARE.  Its ok to ask questions.  I didn't go to school to become a practicing physician, asking is knowledge for me.  I was a baby 23 years ago and we did what we were told.  Doctors knew everything, at least that what I thought then.  NOT ANYMORE.  Our eyes have been opened in so many ways on this new journey!

I will be sharing in seperate posts about all the other therapies we are doing or have done naturally to punch cancer in the face!

We were on a rat race to get an MRI and then to get the report read back to us.  This was an exhausting experience.  We finally got the report and found someone to read it back to us!  His tumor in his vena cava is regressing!  The lymph node that was inflamed near the kidney is no longer inflamed. They wanted to remove it just in case it had cancer.  Actually they wanted to remove more than just the one.  Which made absolute no sense to my brain. Just in case is a no go for me.  Especial when it comes to a body part. This is just my opinion.   

We are jumping for joy!  Not only did his blood work come back amazing, his tumor is shrinking!  Praise the Lord!  He hasn't felt pain since the beginning of May.  He has never been neutropenic, anemic, hair loss,  bruising or bleeding, infections, or nausea.  There have been zero side effects other than exhaustion.  We have been on the go and learning since his diagnoses. He has an amazing immune system right now from all the amazing supplements, different therapies, and essential oils hes taking! Yes, I'm still that crazy essential oil lady! 

We are here to share our journey and share what we have learned! What you choose on your journey is your's!  I am voicing my opinions on what I've been through and what we are going through now! We respect your choices and hope you can do the same for us!  We appreciate all the support and love we can get during this time.

We have great news,  you have a choice! 

And here we are.....



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